When was the last time you could
depend on your DevOps team?

Depode takes care of your backend development so you can focus on business problems.

DevOps & Reliability

Building your company has been a marathon. Building tech solutions can be a sprint. We'll take your team to the finish line with agile Ansible deployments, Docker deliveries, and reliable CI/CD.

Django and Backend Development

Rest your fingers (and your arms!) We crank out code in Python and slap it into frameworks like Django so you don't have to. We'll also use PostgreSQL to do all of the heavy lifting that comes with database management.

Service so steadfast, we'd swear a blood oath on it.

Alright, medieval oaths might be a bit outdated. What we can do is commit our blood, sweat, and tears to giving you modern and reliable tech solutions. After all, you deserve it. We'll put in the grueling work to ensure your minimum-lovable-product becomes a smash hit. Take a look at our arsenal of tools...
About Depode Depode is a global tech consultancy company based in Europe. Our international team provides innovative tech solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises around the world, specializing in Django/Backend Development and DevOps.